Neotrack Version 2.24.4226.2029 30/10/2014 14.3MB
Complete installation package. Free version has all features available, however it is limited on the amount of data that can be saved. You can purchase an upgrade to full version.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
  • 512MB RAM
  • 50MB free disk space
30/10/2014 - Version 2.24.4226.2029
  • Support for Ambit 3 heart rate data recorded with BT heart rate strap.
  • Updated calories calculation method. Make sure you have weight, height and age properly set in your profile.
  • Updated BMR calculation method.
23/08/2014 - Version 2.23.4019.1319
  • Added support for Suunto Ambit SML files.
11/05/2014 - Version 2.22.3407.1642
  • Added support for Cadence in Suunto Ambit XML importer.
11/02/2014 - Version 2.21.3407.1642
  • Fixed export to TCX and GPX files.
  • When selecting course in activity card or record template, the list is sorted by course usage frequency.
23/10/2013 - Version 2.21.3019.2244
  • Elevation correction updated to latest service changes.
  • Default values are used for manually created activities.
  • Updated components.
25/08/2013 - Version 2.20.2821.1242
  • Exporting to TCX file correctly marks time stamp as UTC time.
  • Adjusted Heart Rate import from some FIT devices.
06/07/2013 - Version 2.20.2702.1334
  • Reworked Equipment Checks window.
  • Minor reorganization of Equipment Item window.
  • Minor adjustments to Equipment Group window.
  • Fixed a bug while importing STE files.
12/06/2013 - Version 2.19.2608.1805
  • Fixed stopped/moving time calculation routine.
27/05/2013 - Version 2.19.2523.2157
  • Ambit XML importer now imports indoors activities (no GPS data available).
  • Fixed FIT Power reading from some Forerunner devices.
  • Fixed bug in record history generation.
05/05/2013 - Version 2.19.2501.1202
  • Suunto Ambit importer updated to the latest firmware.
  • Fixed calculation of zero perfomance zones.
23/04/2013 - Version 2.19.2419.1905
  • Added cadence import (for each point) to Sunto XLSX importer.
  • Added weighted distance distribution to Track Editor.
  • Updated Elevation Correction to reflect latest API changes.
21/03/2013 - Version 2.19.2317.2119
  • Desktop layout now saves size of each tab panel. Old saved layouts will be deleted.
  • Added Moving Time and Longest Moving Time criteria to Record Template.
  • Fixed reading of power values from FIT files created on Edge 500.
  • Adjusted reading of cadence and gradient values from FIT files.
  • Improved import of GPS data from Suunto Ambit XML files.
  • Improved import of TCX files.
  • Fixed average power and cadence calculations for cases when speed is not available.
20/01/2013 - Version 2.18.2116.1857
  • Extended maximum length of field used for storing Options.
20/01/2013 - Version 2.18.2116.1326
  • Activity categories are now organized in groups.
  • Added some more activity categories.
  • Reorganized some windows according to activity category changes.
  • Added activity Color field to Overview: Activities and Chart activity selection views.
18/01/2013 - Version 2.18.2114.0922
  • Fixed activity frequency counting in Challenges module.
17/01/2013 - Version 2.18.2113.2153
  • Added feature allowing to save and load desktop layout, including open modules and docking panels.
  • Removed option to automatically open calendar view and set its position.
  • Improved lap import from Ambit XML files.
11/01/2013 - Version 2.17.2107.0946
  • Challenges now allow to select all projects for monitoring criteria.
  • Challenges now accept empty period for monitoring criteria.
  • Added Finished date field to Challenges view.
  • Added Conditions, Start Date and End Date fields to Record template.
09/01/2013 - Version 2.17.2105.2353
  • FIT importer now recognizes manual device stops.
  • Improved lap import from Ambit XML files.
  • Added Split field to Records view and Record History view.
  • When discarding a Record, individual splits are considered.
  • Fixed an issue in Records searching routine.
03/01/2013 - Version 2.17.2030.1854
  • Fixed reading of lap calories when importing FIT file.
  • Fixed lap duration when exporting activity to TCX file.
  • Zone name field extended to allow up to 32 chars.
23/12/2012 - Version 2.17.2019.1437
  • Added new Records module, allowing to track personal records.
  • Added Course field to activity and corresponding views.
  • Added Record flag to activity views.
04/12/2012 - Version 2.16.2000.2312
  • Updated Suunto Ambit XML importer to reflect changes in firmware version 2.0.
  • Adjusted track import for devices able to record distance from sensors.
  • Fixed an issue, when newly created activity in Track Editor doesn't appear in main activity list.
30/11/2012 - Version 2.16.1926.1857
  • New FIT format importer based on official FIT SDK.
  • TCX importer now recognizes and imports cadence when using footpod.
25/11/2012 - Version 2.15.1921.1004
  • Added option allowing to ignore track points with invalid GPS position when importing data.
  • Adjusted time formatting in some views.
  • After deleting an activity from main navigation panel, the nearest row is focused.
14/11/2012 - Version 2.15.1910.2004
  • Added Cut and Merge function to Track Editor, allowing to remove selected points and merge remaining parts together.
  • Added option to set preferred position of the Calendar view, when opening in standalone window.
  • Changed main navigation panel selection color, making it better visible and different from selection in other views.
13/11/2012 - Version 2.15.1908.2340
  • Added switch to main navigation list, allowing to turn on/off columns auto sizing. The state of the button is saved within a view.
  • Added option to force Neotrack not to use Windows regional settings for numbers, dates and currency.
  • Added option to automatically use selected category for activity color.
  • Chart colors in Overview: Summary now match category colors.
11/11/2012 - Version 2.15.1906.2354
  • Added switch to display all projects activities in main navigation panel.
  • Calendar selection is now synchronized with main navigation panel.
  • Added context menu to calendar activities.
  • Added option to automatically open Calendar view on startup.
  • Added option to open Calendar view in standalone window.
  • Added new Track Editor's feature to equally spread total distance over all track points.
  • Added all activity data fields to main activity navigation panel (can be dragged over from Column Chooser).
  • Added Feeling field to activity and some views.
  • Added Warm Up and Cool Down events.
  • Renamed event from Regeneration to Recovery.
  • Added Copy button to Total Time and Moving Time fields in activity edit form, allowing to set moving time to same value as total time and vice versa.
  • Added Calculate button to Average Speed and Moving Speed fields in activity edit form.
  • Added Breakdown switch to show/hide Breakdown panel in Overview: Summary view.
  • All text boxes now select its content on tabbing.
  • Fixed server error in elevation correction tool caused by API change.
  • Fixed application crash when saving activities with name longer than allowed.
05/11/2012 - Version 2.14.1901.1734
  • Added support for Suunto exported XLSX files.
  • Added list of selected activities (if more than one is selected) to Chart view, allowing focusing chart series and quick activity comparison.
  • Removed activity selection box from Chart view.
  • Added possibility to customize color of activity categories.
  • Activities in Compact view in Calendar are now much smaller without any text.
  • Added comment field to Challenges view.
  • Added new activity categories.
  • Added "Indoors" to activity condition list.
  • Fixed crach when adding Activity Region with very long City name.
25/10/2012 - Version 2.13.1821.1625
  • Fixed server error in elevation correction tool.
22/10/2012 - Version 2.13.1818.0016
  • Made further adjustments to Ambit XML import.
  • Added new columns to navigation activity list.
16/09/2012 - Version 2.13.1712.2107
  • Added updated database engine libraries to installation package.
16/09/2012 - Version 2.13.1712.1052
  • Added Intensity Rating to Overview Summary pie chart.
  • Activity tag in Ambit XML files is used for imported activity name.
07/09/2012 - Version 2.13.1703.0848
  • Added (None) check type to Equipment Checks, allowing to define maintenance point without state check.
  • Equipment groups are now sorted by name in activity properties and activity import windows.
  • Fixed crash in Chart view when zooming reversed selection.
01/09/2012 - Version 2.13.1628.1101
  • Added support for Polar HRM files (v1.06+).
  • Enhanced display options for zones in Chart view.
  • Chart view now allows to zoom to selection and reset zoom.
  • Chart view now allows to select grayed fill for selected series.
  • Line colors in Chart view are now automatically adjusted for multiple activities.
  • Added zero opacity option to Chart view (no chart area fill on selection).
  • Improved selection interaction in Chart view.
  • Added Elapsed Time and Elapsed Distance columns to Splits panel.
  • Tracks and charts allow negative elevation values.
  • Fixed time offset for Ambit XML import.
25/08/2012 - Version 2.12.1621.1903
  • Added Elevation Gain/Loss information to Elevation Correction tool.
  • Export button in Stop Cleanup tool now correctly exports activity without stops.
24/08/2012 - Version 2.12.1620.1213
  • Added feature that allows to define user views for data grids.
  • Old saved data grid layouts were converted to Custom view.
  • View Manager button added to Activities, Splits, Breakdown, Activity Overview, Challenges, Equipment, Health and Track Editor modules.
  • Changed Groups icon in Equipment module.
  • Double clicking an activity in Activity Overview displays activity detail.
  • Fixed application crash when opening another project with Activity Overview module open.
23/07/2012 - Version 2.11.1519.2315
  • Updated components.
  • Stops in Ambit XML files are now properly marked and counted into Stopped Time.
09/07/2012 - Version 2.11.1505.1308
  • Improved track import for very inaccurate devices.
08/07/2012 - Version 2.11.1504.0635
  • Added new Overview Summary module. This module is now default Overview type.
  • Reorganized period dropdown in Overview Chart.
  • Fixed average calculations in Overview Chart for manually added activities.
  • Fixed performance zones calculation for values higher than maximum zone.
  • Fixed an issue when importing Ambit XML files.
05/07/2012 - Version 2.10.1501.1119
  • Activities grouped by Date column are now properly sorted inside group.
29/06/2012 - Version 2.10.1425.2306
  • Added support for importing Suunto SDF Files.
  • Added support for importing Suunto STE Files.
  • Added Period list to Overview chart, allowing to select predefined period for data filtering.
  • Removed Apply Filter button from Overview Chart. Filter is now always applied.
  • Filter Settings button text is now bold when an filter is selected in the dropdown panel.
  • Added summary status bar to Overview Chart, displaying Total, Average, Minimum and Maximum values.
  • Added All Projects button to Challenges view.
  • Added possibility to enter initial usage values for an equipment item.
  • Added new columns to activity navigation panel (layout has been reset).
  • Added new activity categories.
  • Added Compact View button to Calendar view allowing to collapse activities to single line.
  • Changed some category colors in Calendar view.
  • Grouped grid lists are now collapsed by default and remember expanded/collapsed groups.
  • Renamed Trainer Biking activity category to Indoor Cycling.
  • Changed default date sorting for navigation activity panel to descending order.
  • Fixed an issue when Calendar didn't display unsaved activities.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering by Region in Overview Chart yields no results.
03/05/2012 - Version 2.9.1229.1218
  • Fixed track laps issue when importing from an Ambit XML file.
  • Fixed track laps issue when exporting activity to a TCX file.
02/05/2012 - Version 2.9.1228.2034
  • Added All Projects button to Calendar view.
  • Activity properties, splits and breakdown are now displayed when selected in Calendar view.
  • Each activity category has specific color in Calendar view.
24/04/2012 - Version 2.8.1220.955
  • Updated installation package with some missing redistributable files.
19/04/2012 - Version 2.8.1215.1943
  • Added ability to read activities from certain Garmin devices.
  • Modified activity synchonization stamp handling.
  • Removed Import laps as standalone activities option.
  • Backup folder is now stored in config file and has been reset do default location. Please revise your settings.
12/04/2012 - Version 2.7.1208.1319
  • Fixed activity importing issue when assigning an equipment group.
  • Fixed issue when merging activities.
  • Fixed issue in Track Editor when creating new activity.
08/04/2012 - Version 2.7.1204.1912
  • Added Track Data Editor module.
  • Added feature to merge activity tracks.
  • Improved mouse selection in all modules (there is still a known issue in Chart module).
  • When opening child modules selection is carried over.
  • Added Export button to Stop Cleanup view.
  • Fixed elevation gain calculation issue.
06/04/2012 - Version 2.6.1202.1109
  • Added option to prefer GPS elevation data over barometric data while importing an activity.
  • Activity name can be changed during activity import.
  • Fixed export of calories for activities imported from Suunto Ambit XML files.
05/04/2012 - Version 2.6.1201.1212
  • Fixed issue when importing Suunto Ambit XML files with a timezone offset.
03/04/2012 - Version 2.6.1130.2122
  • Added ability to change summary info for grouped activities. Distance, Total Time and Count summaries can be displayed.
  • Added new range-grouping for Total Time column in activities list.
  • Improved filtering in activity list Overview.
  • Removed Speed/Pace switch from options.
  • Added Pace switch button to activity property list.
  • Unit button states for activity property list are now saved.
  • Fixed formatting issue when entering values in zone units.
  • Fixed formatting issue for empty Intensity Rating.
30/03/2012 - Version 2.5.1126.2224
  • Improved Suunto XML files support.
  • Fixed chart values calculation for very short intervals.
  • Fixed some general docking issues.
27/03/2012 - Version 2.5.1123.2006
  • Added support for Suunto XML files.
26/03/2012 - Version 2.5.1122.0835
  • Changed way of how is the first day of a week calculated.
  • Fixed inability to enter Performed tasks for an equipment item when adding first equipment check.
22/03/2012 - Version 2.5.1118.2103
  • Improved activity Move button. A project can be selected from the dropdown menu.
  • Fixed issue when saving new project.
20/03/2012 - Version 2.5.1116.2012
  • Added Czech localization.
  • Only stops longer than 5 seconds are displayed on the map.
  • Fixed minor selection calculation issues.
11/03/2012 - Version 2.4.1107.2118
  • Made several appearance changes.
  • Improved elevation correction.
26/02/2012 - Version 2.4.1022.2050
  • Added Dark, Silver, Blue and Black themes.
  • Added new Overview mode that provides passive view of all activities.
  • Added Stop Cleanup feature. The feature is accessible from Activity menu.
  • Added Training Score and Intensity Rating calculations for activities.
  • Added option to change default values when importing new activities.
  • Unit switch buttons are now application-wide.
  • Added Important Climbs selection to Splits panel.
  • Activity chart selection can be resized after initial drag.
  • Added ability to turn cursor on and off in activity charts.
  • Added Retired date field to Equipment module. It fills automatically on item retirement, in case it's not already set.
  • Improved Equipment Checks handling.
  • Maintenance record can be entered for every equipment check.
  • Some map markers changed.
  • Child modules save settings when the parent module is closed.
  • Displaying Find panel in a grid view doesn't crash the application anymore.
13/02/2012 - Version 2.3.1009.2305
  • Added Welcome page and the option to turn it off.
  • Added ability to move selected activities to another project.
  • Overview can display data for activities from all projects.
  • Overview can be summarized by projects.
  • Fixed activity export to TCX files, when there is no burned energy data present.
12/02/2012 - Version 2.2.1008.1243
  • Added new Challenges module. This module allows you to monitor your goals over period of time.
10/02/2012 - Version 2.2.1006.1917
  • Application uses now config file for storing basic settings instead of registry. You might need to reactivate your copy.
  • Activity import context menu reorganized.
  • Name property in Equipment view renamed to Model.
  • Added Name property to Equipment view that is concatenation of Brand and Model.
  • Map detail levels reduced to six options.
  • Chart view significantly reworked.
  • Option to use activity color in charts is now preset-wide.
  • Option to choose from different chart types reduced to Line, Spline and Bars.
  • Added more chart presets when running application for the first time.
  • Added Three and Six Months period to Health view.
  • Updated direction markers in map.
  • Equipment checks are performed correctly when importing new activities.
  • Retired equipment items now display correctly when assigned to an activity.
  • Energy calculation in custom splits view doesn't crach the application.
  • Activity update no longer craches when no heart rate values are available.
17/12/2011 - Version 2.1.813.1328
  • Improved activity imports, burned calories are recorded for each lap instead of for complete track.
  • Added Energy Burned column to Splits view.
  • Fixed rare application versioning issue.
15/12/2011 - Version 2.0.811.1911
  • Reorganized Activity context menu in navigation pane.
  • Added multi-select ability for data grid in Equipment view.
  • Added context menu for data grid in Equipment view.
  • Added multi-select ability for data grid in Health view.
  • Added context menu for data grid in Health view.
  • Added calculation for missing BMR values in Health view.
  • Added Actual Age column in Health view.
  • Fixed error when opening a bar chart with no values.
  • Fixed minor skin issues.
30/11/2011 - Version 2.0.726.2112
  • Added feature allowing to compare multiple activities side by side.
  • Improved method of internet connectivity recognition.
  • Fixed issue when datafile cannot be found at the startup.
31/10/2011 - Version 2.0.627.707
  • Temperature charts are displayed correctly when no temperature values are available.
  • FIT files are imported correctly (activities, health records) when using the new protocol version.
07/10/2011 - Version 2.0.603.2147
  • Initial release.