• Neotrack is GPS enabled journal for your activities. It helps you to organize your recorded tracks and display them on various map types or in detailed charts.
  • Support for GPX, TCX, FIT and Suunto Ambit XML file formats, including weight scale FIT files.
  • Data can be imported from a GPS device or entered manually.
  • Activities can be organized in standalone projects.
  • Display multiple activities on the map or in the chart.
  • Elevation correction for inaccurate GPS data.
  • Weather conditions download from online service.
  • NEW: Track data editor.
Mapping Features
  • Various map views available for displaying tracks.
  • Terrain, Satellite, Roads and Hybrid (Google) and OpenStreetMap.
  • Interactive map allowing selection of track sections or individual splits.
  • Linked chart view.
Advanced Charts
  • User defined chart presets allow customization and fast switching between charts.
  • Bar, line and area chart types.
  • Support for elevation, speed, pace, gradient, heart rate, cadence, power and temperature data.
  • Ability to detect stops and exclude them from the chart view.
  • Performance zones view.
  • Linked map view.
Performance Zones
  • Fully customizable performance zones.
  • Different zones can be defined for each project.
  • Support for Speed, Gradient, Heart Rate, Cadence and Power data.
  • Data breakdown showing time and distance spent in each zone.
Equipment Monitoring
  • Support for equipment groups.
  • Assign whole group or individual equipment items to activities.
  • Monitor equipment condition or plan regular maintenance.
  • Define warning notifications based on item usage.
Overview Charts
  • Display summary for your activities.
  • Summary data based on criteria (time period, activity category, weather, event type).
  • Define custom filters.
  • View data trending.
Health Records
  • Monitor your health over time.
  • Support for manual input or data import from weight scale FIT files.
  • Support for Weight, BMI, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Metabolism, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Body Water, Body Fat, Visceral Fat data.
  • Display data in the charts or in the grid.